Day of Event Coordinating


Day of Event Coordinating provides you with the peace of mind to truly enjoy your event! Your private day of coordinator works with you from up to two months of your planning process with one face-to-face meeting per month with an additional meeting the week of your event and unlimited email and phone communication making even the most tedious planning a cake walk!

On the day of your event you will receive up to eight hours of service and additional hours can be added to your package if needed. Prior to the day of your coordinator will assist you in creating a detailed floor plan for the layout of your event, help with vendor recommendations and confirmations, and assist in the making of your event timeline to ensure you get everything and more in for your event! On the day of your event the coordinator will assist your vendors in the set up of decorations and make sure each vendors placement matched the personal designed layout! Through out the event the coordinator is there to make sure the event stays on task to the customized event timeline and take any question the guests or vendors may have about the events activities!

Full Event Planning


With Crown Event’s full event planning package. We are here from day one! We help contract vendors, create dream boards, budgets, timelines, layouts, and seating plans to take all the stress off of you! We also set up meetings through out the planning process to keep the planning and timing in line to ensure you event runs as smooth as possible. To keep this stress free trend going through the day of your event Crown Events includes the day of coordinating package with our full event planning package free of cost!

Event Styling


Let us make your event one of a kind with our event styling package! Working with you from day one we can create a dream board and budget to feet you needs a wants for your fairytale event! Event styling includes working with all rental vendors to ensure we get all the rentals and décor items to make your event pop while keeping your budget in line! This also includes the set up of the event to take away all your stress!

Private Estate Venues


Crown Events specializes in making fairy tales come true so what better way than giving you the option of one of a kind locations to set your wedding apart from the rest? By the use of our exquisite private estate venues located in central Florida we can bring any fairy tale to life!